Ijen Geopark was officially designated as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) or world heritage at the UNESCO annual session in Paris, France, Wednesday (24/5). Ijen Geopark is located in two regencies in East Java Province, namely Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency.

"Alhamdulillah, after going through various processes and trials, finally Ijen Geopark has officially become a member of the UGG. This is based on an official letter and release uploaded on the UNESCO website," said Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani, as reported by Antara, Thursday (25/5).

Ijen Geopark is part of 195 UGG sites spread across 48 countries, along with 18 other geological sites in the world that were newly designated this year. Among them are Cacapava in Brazil), Lavreotiki in Greece, Aras in Iran, Hakusan Tedorigawa in Japan and a number of other world sites.

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"Hopefully with the designation of Ijen as a UGG, it will increase foreign tourist visits to Banyuwangi. So that it will have an impact on the welfare and cultural strengthening of the Banyuwangi people," Ipuk continued.

The main characteristic of the Ijen Geopark is the beauty of the Mount Ijen area which prioritises three tourism components, namely geological, biological and cultural.

Abdillah Baraas, Executive Board of Ijen Geopark (PHIG) Banyuwangi, said that at the last assessment stage Ijen Geopark managed to get a high score, namely a score of 872.

"However, we still have to work hard, make improvements in various aspects so that we can maintain UGG status during the upcoming 2026 revalidation period. Of course with collaboration with related parties," he said.

Abdillah said ongoing programmes such as educational activities in schools, community empowerment, geotourism training, geo products, and conservation aspects will continue.

"In the future, there are several things that we will improve. Among others, public transport to tourist destinations and geopark sites for tourists. Also, network development," said Abdillah.

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In its naming, Ijen is taken directly from Mount Ijen which is the basis for the formation of the geological story of the entire geopark area, as well as its relationship with the surrounding biological and cultural elements.

There are at least 21 geological sites developed by the Ijen Geopark team. They range from local to international scale.

One of the many geological sites that has an extraordinary phenomenon is the Ijen Crater with the most acidic crater lake in the world with the natural phenomenon of blue fire that appears as a solfatara.

In addition to Ijen Geopark, several other places from Indonesia are on the UGG list, including Maros Geopark in Pangkep, Merangin in Jambi, and Raja Ampat in Papua, Lake Toba, Mount Rinjani, Ciletuh, Batur, and Mount Sewu.

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